Migrate With Ease

In June 2016 Viewer for Flex was discontinued with no clear migration path for existing applications. Maple was born out of the necessity to provide such migration path. With Maple you can keep configurations between the legacy application and the new application in sync, allowing for a transition period in which both applications can be available to users.

Viewer for Flex to HTML5
Viewer for Flex to HTML5

Build New Map Applications

You don't necessarely need a Viewer for Flex application to use Maple. Maple works great for new map applications.

Widgets Library

Maple has built-in support for dozens of widgets and we are constantly adding more to the list.

For the Enterprise

We provide enterprise support, training, development services and documentation for companies that require it. Contact us for more details about enterprise support.

Customize and Extend

Maple is available under both a permissible AGPL license and commercial license available through VirtualGIS. This means you can modify, extend, distribute and use the software on your own terms with the flexibility you need.